Top 5 ways in which fathers can contribute to their child's health and wellbeing

1. Make at least one meal every week for the entire family. Work at understanding the taste buds of your child and prepare a heritage meal accordingly.

2. Make laddoos at home at least once every two months. They make for a micro nutrient and fibre rich snack. Rolling laddoos is a much better use of fingers than video games, its also more fun and falls into the category of things that children will remember about you long after you are gone.

3. Kids need at least 90 mins of unstructured activity/play every day for optimum growth. When you are celebrating or treating your child, instead of calling in for burger/pizza/ice cream, take them out to play, ride a cycle together or play a game of carrom.

4. Its crucial for kids to get good quality sleep as the human growth hormone gets released optimally during restful sleep in the night. As a family, adopt the practice of no gadgets (TV, phone, ipad, kindle) an hour before sleep.

5. Basically, leave behind a legacy of health and trust the child to make her own wealth.

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