The truth behind the sugar medicine companies and doctors

The truth behind the sugar medicine companies and doctors

These medicine companies can go to any extent to sell their medicine and earn the profit. 


Many years ago the normal sugar level for a healthy person was 160 and just to increase the sale of sugar medicine, these companies and doctors made it to 120 and in the future can be reduced to 100 so the sales of medicines can be doubled in the world.

Today, according to medical science, a normal level of sugar range in a body is 80-120. 

Now consider if the range of sugar level is reduced to 70-100 through some false research and conspiracy by these medicine companies then even a healthy person will start taking medicine with fear just because doctors declared the person as a sugar patient. 

Say for example even if 2-3 crore new people having sugar level of above this new range, the sale of medicines will hike, and due to this fear, these allopathy companies earn in crores.

Please do your own research on this topic before taking any decision and comment below. 


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