How to make a hard life decision?

  1. Make a goal statement in your life. (eg. I want to be an IAS officer or CEO or Founder of a company) 
  2. Make principles for life. (eg. I will always speak the truth.  No gambling. No use of intoxicants, No sex outside marriage, etc.)

  • The decision should be taken based on your goal statement and principle of your life.
  • If the decision is contributing to your goal statement DO IT otherwise REJECT IT.
  • The decision should not be taken on the basis of what makes you happy and what makes you sad.
  • Your decision should be based on the vision behind your goal statement.
  • Decision-making tool should not be dependent on your temporary happiness.
  • Decision-making tool should be dependent on your goal statement.
  • Don’t get emotional with your decisions. Do not get emotional and sentimental when you are taking a decision.
  • The principle of your life will guide you to take small decisions in life.
  • Make one principle in your life and live your life on that principle.
  • If you have a clear Goal statement and the very clear principle of your life, taking a decision will be easier for you.

Hope this post will help you make the decisions. 
Thank you! God Bless You!

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